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Mold Removal in Palm Coast, Florida

September 01, 2016

Trust Servpro for mold remediation in Palm Coast, Florida

Mold Remediation in Palm Coast, Florida With all the great weather we have in Palm Coast Florida, it is a wonder that more people up north are not moving in. We have great weather, the best beaches with the ability to drive on A1A with great ocean views. The one area that we need to be concerned with in Florida is the moisture. Mold can be a problem. We need to have our roof and house washed on a schedule power washing in order to stop any mold from growing.

When I lived up north, mold was not as much a problem as it is in the Southern part of the USA. Having your air conditioning unit working properly is a necessary so moisture is not creeping into your home and cause mold problems. My neighbor's air conditioning system went out while they were gone up north during the summer season. They usually spent the summer in New England and returned in late October. They came back and discovered mold in their home.

Mold Remediation in Palm Coast, Florida for Health Reasons

Mold remediation in Palm Coast, Florida is not an easy thing. They needed someone who understood the remediation process. They also needed someone who was able to do it quickly. Mold cannot be covered up with paint or plasters. If it is in the vents or walls, it will grow and seep through the walls and any area where damp moisture is.

They were fortunate to get a referral from my other neighbor who used Servpro of Flagler County. Their experience in mold removal and mold remediation was fantastic because the company did not ask what they thought but told them the truth. Fixing the mold problem remediation quickly and right the first time is top priority for home owners. Once you have mold in the home it needs to be removed and remediation, not treated. Walls needed to be torn down and get the mold out of the walls where water leaks occurred. Once the mold remediation was complete, they were very happy with the results and would recommend any mold remediation in Palm Coast, Florida to their neighbors by using Servpro of Flagler County.

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